Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 23, 2010

Yesterday was such a crazy day. Really. We had a scheduled play date with another family from church/school, who were coming at 10:30 or so. They had 3 loud, adorable kids; we had 4 loud, adorable kids which of course equals to chaotic fun. And indeed, we did have lots of fun: the little girls played dress-up and came to preen in their princess' costumes, while the older ones played racing on the Wii.

My friend asked me to go to Wal-Mart with her, but Angela wanted to come with so we waited until our company went home--at 3. We didn't get back until 5 or so and after supper I decided to clean/organize my room. Just when I was going to get on the computer, we had some friends drop by who visited until 10 (we were in the kitchen and that's where the computer is). By that time, I definitely turned into a pumpkin so I headed off to bed.

I've decided the best time to blog for me is on Sunday afternoon, so I will keep you posted weekly on all the interesting and not so interesting things that happen around here :)

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