Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24, 2010

So. Here I am. Sure, it's 11:40, but at least it's still Wednesday!

All kidding aside, this past week has just been crazy like I said. Angela had a baby girl named Brooklyn Emma Rose Morrow. She was 4lbs. 18in long. She was a preemie and is currently in the ICU in an incubator. She is doing relatively well, but struggles with eating which is a concern. Overall, both mother and baby are doing fine and God has answered our prayers.

Tomorrow is our last day of our Olympic theamed days. I took some pictures of the kids playing "ice hockey", buy my battery died today so I'll post those tomorrow along with pictures of our closing ceremony.

Along with sports activities, each student was given a packet of work to complete. Drawing flags, finding "first" dates, creating their own medals, and writing an essay on "If I were an Olympian..." Jessica, the first grade teacher who made the packets, told the older kids that they needed 1 page, double-spaced.

Yesterday, I was watching one of the high school girls type her report out. It took her a very long time because she didn't know how to type and was thinking as she typed--probably 2 hours. I watched her try different fonts and sizes to make her report a full page. Then, after each word she wrote she kept hitting the space an extra time. At first, I thought she was doing it by accident--or perhaps she didn't know that she didn't have to have 2 spaces between words, just after periods--and even then, I think that is pretty much extinct nowadays (don't quote me on that one, but you may correct me:). Anyway, her frustration was evident as she did not have a full page without using a ridiculous size font. I finally asked her what she was doing and why she felt the need to space twice. She said:
"Ms. Orr (Jessica) told us to double-space our papers"
Wow. Instead of double-spacing the whole paper, she was double-spacing between words. I laughed till my side ached. I had no idea that people didn't know what double space meant. Apparently, she had a super blonde moment. It would have been a waste of time for her to go back and fix her paper, so I re-typed it for her--and double-spaced her whole paper.

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