Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7, 2010

It's so funny how at times I'm bursting with things to write, and other times I have no clue what to say! I should probably "pick a topic" and expand on that :) So for the moment, please content yourself to my "musings".

This week has been a strange week. Not so much my circumstances, but rather the direction my thoughts have taken. With my 24th birthday apporaching, I find myself reflecting on this past year. I know people normally do that at New Year's, but more and more I am examining my life of this past year. My failures and accomplishments; goals and dreams; all the little things that make up character. I also find myself looking at how much things have changed as far as circumstances go and what I did this time last year. I was in my second month of student teaching--what a learning experience!! It was a time of learning to trust God and to rest in Him. Of course, graduation---ahhh, what a final week :) Teaching at Bethel for a couple weeks as a substitute. Moving to Wisconsin to teach and help in the church. Now THAT in itself was quite a difference to what I grew up with. We are so much in the northwoods you feel like you're the last stop before Neverland :) For the most part, I'm very satisfied where I am....every once in a while I get an itch to do something--which is kinda hard to do spur of the moment....For you must remember that the closet "big" town is about 30 minutes away. So far, my moments have been few and far between :) Although in the spring and summer and fall, there is much more to do outside and everywere around here is absolutely beautiful. For my birthday, I want to go to Big Falls. This is just what it sounds like: Rushing water and rocks jutting out from banks. It is very pretty out there. Hopefully, the sun is out. It is a very restful spot.

Anyway, I suppose I've strayed from my original topic, but hey--who wants to listen to me talk about me?? :)

Until next week, or something really interesting happens :)

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