Thursday, April 1, 2010

If You Believe

This song has been running through my mind the last couple of weeks and today, my students were humming/singing the song as they did their seatwork. It's a really fun and peppy song.

If You Believe
First Verse
I read about how Paul and Silas were in jail,
And no one there, nobody there could go their bail.
But when they prayed, they found that God was on their side;
That jailhouse door swung open wide.
If you believe, you shall receive.
There's not a trouble or care the Good Lord can't relive;
O! He is just the same today;
All you have to do is just trust and pray, and believe--
you must believe.
Second Verse
When Daniel sat within the hungry lion's den,
Nobody thought that there was any hope for him.
But all night long the lions never took a bite;
God took away their appetite.
Third Verse
When David stood before the giant with his sling,
Goliath laughed at such a puny little thing.
But David knew his faith in God would stand the test.
He flung the rock; God did the rest.


Brooke's Insights to LIfe said...

Hey, i just came across your blog. I really enjoyed reading the last several posts. You sound like you really enjoy your job! From reading your post I also came to the conclusion that you are a doing a GREAT job impacting those little ones :) I look forward to reading more.

Elsabeth said...

Thanks! You're right, I didn't realize that teaching would be half this rewarding--or work! But, I do love my students and I do love teaching.