Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Break/Preaching Conference--Part I

I had thought of chronicling my travels down to Fairhaven in one blog, but realize the vast difference in the reasons of me going down there...So, I have decided to write about my recent trip for Preaching Conference. A highlight during my college days, PC has also become a week I look forward to in anticipation. It is a time for me to really focus on my walk with God and grow as a Christian, as well as being a week of seeing old friends and acquaintances.

In the days previous to PC, Crazy Lady and I were feverishly working to launder/fold/pack for our trip. Since we don't have school on Fridays, we utilized the time to get an early start. Our goal was to have everything done and packed by Sunday afternoon....we almost made it. Monday morning found us doing last minute things and packing Greenie. We started off down the road...only to stop at the church...Finally we pulled out of Kennan to start our 6..7..8..9..hour journey. We made several stops on the way, so we made pretty good timing to pull up to the hotel around 4 in the afternoon.

The teen who had come with us and I were staying in the dorm, so our next stop was at registration. Stepping out of the vehicle got me almost face to face with one of my very good friends and her family--my adoptive White Chocolate parents and siblings;) This was just the first of many encounters with friends I had not seen for almost a year. Socially, it was a great time to 'catch up' with people--although, I must say that it was also a very crazy, crazy time with hustle and bustle every where! I really did not think it was going to be like that since I didn't have the duties and responsibilities I once had in my college days!

Monday night, a group of us went out to DQ and spent several hours reminiscing about our years in college. Crazy Lady was with us and shared some of her stories from her era....

My White Chocolate sister and I asked Chef TW if we could work breakfast like the good ol' days. (This week was my absolute favorite working breakfast because it was filled with good natured banterings amongst all who worked:) Anyway, we were in there for Wednesday (just cereal so a nice ease back:) and Thursday--McFairhavens :) I had a blast working.

I was pleasantly surprised to join my friend, SUM, for tea along with my WC sister. This was a first for me and I quite enjoyed myself and have since gotten in the habit of drinking Earl Grey tea.

At Coffee Creek

The Alumni Picnic was the second I've been to. I felt like a young chicken completely out of context with all these 30 something's Preachers, wives...people who are in full time Christian am I! just in 'young chicken' form :) Anyway, I enjoyed talking to a diverse group of people (I did stretch my neck out and talk to more people than those I graduated with:) and especially catching up with Music Girl who graduated my freshman year. It was also a joy and encouragement to hear all the different testimonies and see it played out in their lives.

I was also able to see my fifth grade students of last year in their sixth grade glory. I enjoyed talking to many of them of what they were currently learning and such things. My sixth graders were now 'cool' junior high kids who were struck with sudden bashfulness. But I still managed to talk to most of them too.

Thursday night curfew was midnight, so a several of us planned to go to a local restaurant. That was also a great time with lots of food and lots of fun. Apart from a couple of workers, we were the only group in there. We got discounts with our appetizers and service was good--even better when they turned the radio off.

It was a great time filled with lots of memories.

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