Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Things I Used To Do As A Kid!

Yesterday, the topic at our lunch table was what we did as kids to get out of eating a certain food. It started because one child was purposely gagging on her sandwich so she didn't have to eat it. Well, too bad for her but she will eat it even it comes out of her mouth. Anyway, that led to our discussion to what our parents did to us when we acted in similar ways.

For me it was well....what do the majority of kids not like? Yup, vegetables. But, gagging did not get us out of eating our veggies--not only did we get a good dose of Vitamin C, but also plenty of heat on our bottoms. My mom was and still is a health food addict. We ate veggies all the time. Salad, cut up broccoli and cauliflower, carrots, cabbage--anything and everything. (I won't even start on the juice kick our family went through!) If I couldn't just swallow my veggies, I came up with unique ways of getting out of eating them--I was naughty and when my mom figured out what I was up to, I had to change my methods.

Our kitchen table had a ledge underneath where I would stuff handfuls of my veggies. This only worked until we needed to extend the table and my hidden, days-old veggies fell to the floor.

My siblings and I often "traded" certain types of vegetables...tomatoes for peppers...

Mom, did you know that cooked carrots are bad for you? Yup, they release toxins--oh, yes, spinach too.

On occasion I feigned a full stomach/drowsiness until lunch time was over and everyone was relaxed. Then I would come to the table only to find the salad eaten up! This only worked on Sundays.

Several times we stuffed our mouths full of vegetables only to head straight for the bathroom. One flush, and they were all gone--or so I thought. I remember one time there were remnants that did not go all the way down: I got my hide tanned and I had to eat more!

Once, I said that it would go much quicker if I just had to drink my veggies. So, my mom let me blend them together--just thinking about it gives me the hebbie-jebbies! It was sooooo gross! I only tried that one once.

I stuffed my pockets once, just until I could get to the garbage can, but alas forgot all about it. My mom found it on wash day...

Now that I'm a grown, mature adult, I realize the importance of eating my greens. I am grateful for what my mom has taught me about nutrition and for the most part, I like vegetables. I have learned my lesson of getting out of eating them, so now, I just make careful choices about what I put on my plate :)

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