Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sweep, Sweep, Sweep--I Sweep My House Everyday...

These pictures are from last year....that's why it is during the day :)

One night during the teen retreat, we were all enjoying the warmth of the fire and each other's company. Stories were told to frighten--although that didn't really work out--as well as entertain. We also played a little game, well, more of a riddle than a game. It went like this. Someone would stand in a prominent spot close to the fire and pretend to sweep while saying the words: sweep, sweep, sweep--I sweep my house everyday.

So, PJM stood up, cleared his throat and did it to show us and then he asked for volunteers. His wife, Crazy Lady, jumped up, ceremoniously cleared her throat, and did it. She got it! That encouraged several other teens to do it who got it as well. Now, call me cynical, but I think those teens remembered from last was just too bad I didn't :).

Anyway, there were still some teens who didn't quite get it. Was it supposed to be methodical? Have a certain time and rhythm? I didn't know....we all stared intently as each one tried their hand at it.... and they were applauded for their genius....or sat dejectedly back in their chair. So, clearing his throat,  PJM did it again....Mrs. R caught on as well as some other teens. It was crazy, they didn't even have the right stance or rhythm!

Another one of our teens tried (she really is a blonde at times) but having no clue as to how it was supposed to go, she asked Crazy Lady to do it again (actually, each time CL showed them, she did it differently) but was still lost..... I just pushed my chair back in the shadows--I had no idea what it was!

Finally, I leaned over to Mrs. R and asked her what I was missing....she told me to see, each time someone got up to do the riddle, they cleared their throat.....the motions were not even part of wonder Crazy Lady did whatever she wanted to and still got it! I shook my head, but decided to try it and see if that's what it was.....I was a genius.....with help :) Blondie on the other hand, wasn't as fortunate to receive help....I think she's still trying to figure out why she didn't 'get' it but everybody else did! As for me, I just hope I remember it next year!


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