Sunday, September 19, 2010

From Cowardice To Courage--Through Christ
written by one of my good friends, Cheyenne Stormer

A young soldier's heart leaped in his chest
As he tremblingly topped a sandy crest.
He was only a boy, but he fought in Iraq.
The sad thing is, in a coffin he came back.
He had courageously answered his country's call,
Little knowing that in a war he would fall.
He bravely swore his country's oath one day,
Proudly thinking, "I love the USA."
He would gladly give his life, he thought.
When the anthem played, what great feelings it wrought!
But when he arrived in that distant land,
His courage left and he could barely stand.
He fearfully thought, "I'm not gonna make it."
He tried to act brave, but bravery--he couldn't fake it.

Another young soldier took note of his plight,
For he himself had at first been afraid to fight.
The soldier had talked to the fearful one,
Told him how the battle of fear he had won.
He had turned to his Savior, Jesus Christ,
Who for his sins Christ's blood was priced.
And though at times the shadow of death hovered near,
He cried to God, and Christ conquered his fear.
He had assurance of salvation--This made him brave.
Jesus Christ had conquered death and now new life He gave.
The fearful soldier asked Christ to take away his sin.
Christ lovingly did so and the Holy Spirit moved in.
This young boy gained newfound courage.
His fearless spirit none could disparage.
The flying bullets and bursting bombs no longer scared him--
At least not too much, for he was going to Heaven.
Then one day, a grenade fell close by,
But the young soldier wasn't afraid to die.
He leaped atop the explosive and breathed his last.
As the grenade exploded, his body took the blast.
He saved the lives of his buddies that day
In the name of God and the great USA.
His noble young life for others he gave,
And though his cold body now lies in a grave,
The flag of his country will continue to wave
And the blood of Christ Jesus many more will save.

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