Monday, September 6, 2010

A New School Year Begun...

The end has come. The end of late nights....the luxury of sleeping in....making spontaneous dates with friends.....days by the lake.....road trips....summer thunderstorms.....swinging out on the porch, glass of iced tea in one hand, a book in the other.....vibrant wildflowers....sultry summer It is the first day of school.

Bright, simple, and fun bulletin boards are put up; walls that were once empty and white are bright with colored motivational posters and teaching concept cards. The blackboard is wiped down and ready for the writing of the first day's lessons. Name tags are set out, desks and chairs are placed in an even row. Lesson plans and a grade book sit on top of the teacher's desk. All is ready and now we eagerly await the students.

There is excitement for both the teacher and student. What will this year bring forth? What goals need to be accomplished? What lessons must be learned?

Only one way to find out.

Let the school year begin!

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