Monday, September 20, 2010

School Stories

The pre-school teacher and I had our kids burn some energy off in the gym during our morning break. First we had them run laps, then Jimmy Dean called out specific instructions for them to follow:
"Do one frog jump" "Make a complete circle" "Take two giant steps to the right/left" Now these may seem simple directions to you, but can you believe that at least 2 of the 6 students were confused? Listening skills they have not.

Well, the students went back to running laps for a couple minutes before JD told them to stand behind the black line that outlined the gym floor. Here she had them run to the far side of the gym based on what she called out--another listening skill--she then gave an example of: If you have long hair...who would run? One of the boys raised his hand and gleefully called out "MEEEEE"....and he wasn't joking either. I'm not sure if he thought that he had long hair because his head wasn't shaved or if he didn't quite understand what we were asking? Don't worry, we straightened him out :)

Anyway, she went on:
"If you have brown shoes--GO!" "If you have a white shirt--Go" The last one, or so we thought, "If you are a cutie-puh-tootie--GO!" And no one went. They all just stared at each other and said "you go" "no, you go" "nah--it's not me"....JD and I just laughed and laughed...we all thought they would's nice to know our 3,4,5 yr. olds are not conceited. So, we had them all run to the other side just for fun so we ended our break on a good note :)

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