Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wendesday Randomness

Lunch Time!


Kindergarten & Pre-School

Our church has been praying for a bus/van so we can start a bus route here in our part of the Great North. Several weeks ago, this bus was purchased...but it didn't look anything like what you see it. A lot of work went into it by men in the church as well as a bus mechanic from another. We are so thankful for our bus and we can't wait to start filling it with kids and adults.

Lil' Bit and I were driving down a road in our Wee Little Villiage when we came across this guy. I made her turn around so we could get a closer look. She let me use her camera to take pictures--after I promised not to bring him back with me =)
I thought he was alive.

He was dead--not quite flat, but guts definitely out of his body...

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Anonymous said...

*gasp* I wish you could have seen how huge my eyes got! Your poor monitor ... I think it's shaking w/fear! I vote - New Nickname!!