Monday, October 18, 2010

Giving Thanks II

Today I'm thankful for,

*21* My good health--as I hear all the coughs and sniffles in my classroom and the rest of the school...

*22* Last night's sermon on faith

*23* My new running shoes that I got for a really good price =)

*24* Impromptu Hugs and "I love you" from my students

*25* I got to talk to my mom on Friday

*26* I got my voice back!

*27* My friend, KB, got a job

*28* God's mercies are new every morning

*29*  Tape players!

*30* That  I live in a small town

*31* It's Monday! A brand new start to a brand new week.

*32* We got our school yearbooks today....for last year :) What fun memories!

*33* Peach yogurt...mmmm....

*34* The warm sun on my back as I write lesson plans and grade papers

*35* I was able to skype Dave and Theresa--first time talking/seeing them since their wedding in May.

*36* Pumpkin Spice candle

*37* Different colored chalk to brighten up my chalkboard :)

*38* Crunch of leaves under my feet

*39* The sky lit up with a million twinkling stars

*40* God's goodness to me each day

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