Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Being that today was Thanksgiving--Canadian style-- and the American Thanksgiving is not till almost the end of November, I've dubbed Mondays as "Giving Thanks" days. Things I'm thankful for...big, life changing things like my salvation.....and little things like sun-kissed days during the fall season and I can swing out on the porch :). Some things will be accompanied with stories and some will just be lists. Perhaps too, I'll go back to it and post a completely new post on some things....ya never know....

Today, I'm thankful for:

*1* My Salvation
*2* God's Word
*3* My parents
*4* My crazy brothers and sisters
*5* Friends back in Canada
*6* Friends in the United States
*7* Salome and her family in Switzerland
*8* Bethel Baptist Church
*9* Fairhaven Baptist Church
*10* Fairhaven Baptist College
*11* My students
*12* My church, New Hope Baptist Church
*13* Music
*14* Books
*15* My teachers I had growing up
*16* Chocolate Chip Cookies
*17* Fall
*18* Warm bed to sleep in
*19* Teaching
*20* Every breath I take

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