Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Story For You I


It was all clear. I heard no signs of movement; all was silent. I crept as softly as I could towards the door. Sniffing the air, I was delighted to learn that I would eat well tonight. The past couple nights had been terrible for scrounging. It was very dark, but I was accustomed to working with very little light.

There, up ahead I could see the outline of my prize. Holding my breath, I reached out to get a foothold when I was blinded by light. Pandemonium broke loose as I heard screams and yelling; I scurried to get away. In my blinded haste I ran forward instead of back to my hiding spot. A broom came crashing down so close to me--I had to get away! I wanted to let them know that I was just hungry--needed something to eat and then I would be on my way. Oh, my tail! My eyes now focusing, I scurried back to my hiding spot under the pipes.

That was close--too close. I would have to find a different place to get my supper. I could have died out there. I packed my meager belongings and said farewell to the rest of the colony I was a part of. I was striking out on my own.

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