Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Story For You II

Names have been changed to protect the innocent for this is a true story.

Vern gleefully rubbed his little hands together. The room was empty, and from looks of it, it had been for the last two nights. He could tell that it was a bedroom, medium in size, and his keen nose told him that there was something of value to him. His search of the floor got him nothing, so he climbed up the dresser in hopes of finding something to allay the growls coming from his stomach. A nut! In his haste to get to it, Vern knocked over several things and a book of sorts left a bump on his head before it hit the ground.

There was a mesh bag around the nut, but that didn't stop Vern. He just used his teeth to gnaw an opening. At last, the treasure was his. It looked a little in color and smelled quite foreign. Ah well, those were the best kinds of nuts in his thinking. He could not have known that Spice had given the nut to Fluffy--the owner of the room--as a birthday present just six months before. Finding his hands quite full with the rather large nut, Vern crept of to his secret passageway to eat in peace.


With such good luck from the night before, Vern found himself once more in The Room. Tonight he would venture further than just along the wall, he felt free and powerful today--Lady Luck was surely smiling on him when he found this warm, comfortable room. Especially when his brothers were freezing in the outdoors, trying to scrounge for food, while watching out for Tootsie, the cat. Vern hadn't yet told them of his find; he wanted to enjoy it for a couple more days.

Vern crossed the room over to the bed. Feeling tired and cold, Vern decided to take a nap in the bed before looking for more food. Vern's eyes popped open; what had woken him up? There it was again. Someone was coming in the door! He held his breath and burrowed deeper in the covers with only his eyes peeking through. A Human came through the door--he was done for! His body began shaking as the Human rushed about in the room. She seemed in a great hurry, grabbing things before sailing out the door once more. He strained his ears and heard the pounding of feet on stairs and doors closing. The silence was unnerving. That was a close call! The incident pushed Vern out of bed and scurrying towards the trash can. He would get his meal and than leave the room! No telling when the Human would be back today! It was better for him to come at night than risk things during the day no matter how quiet The Room was.


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