Monday, November 1, 2010

Giving Thanks IV

I'm thankful for,

*41*  Opening my inbox and finding emails from friends and family :)

*42* Our Fall Harvest Party went well last night

*43* It's a brand new month! Welcome November.
*44* I got to talk to my sister, Ruth! Always a treat :)

*45* I finished another craft: Card making (pictures coming soon); What made it a memorable night, though, is the time I spent with friends and just having a wonderful time with them.

*46* The reminders of how good God has been to me when I'm tempted to wallow in self-pity.

*47* Knowing that there are many people praying for me.

*48* That no matter what happens, God is still in control.
*49* Sending letters---and getting them!

*50* It Snowed twice last week...a wonderful promise of the days to come :) I love Winter....almost as much as Fall!

*51* We had a day off today--No School!

*52* No mice for over a WEEK! Every time I go into my room and the traps are empty, I release my breath in relief and thanks!

*53* Space heaters...

*54* Old letters and photo books
*55* Portable phones

*56* Only 13 (school) days till Thanksgiving break!

*57* That no great damage was done in last week's windstorms

*58* For answered prayer

*59* God's promise of a home in Heaven for those who trust in His Son, Jesus Christ.

*60* Learning a new Truth in the Bible


Nicole said...

One can't help but smile when counting blessings...Isn't God good? :)

Elsabeth said...

Yes He is! I love looking for the "small" things in my life that point to a God who cares.