Monday, November 22, 2010

Giving Thanks VII

Have you ever had someone impact you whether by deed or words, and you felt loved and that all was alright with your world at that moment? I have.

Back in July, my camera died. It wasn't even 6 months old {I had gotten it for Christmas}, and I admit that although I don't have "style", I do love taking shots....many, many shots. I would go for walks and think about all the cool shots I could have taken....sunsets and sunrises came and went.....hilarious moments with the children I watched....all these memories are lost because I really do have a horrible memory. I don't know how I lived without a digital camera before December of '09....did I mention I have a horrible memory? I can barely remember most of my childhood--and no, it was not traumatic.

ANYWAY. I talked about calling the company, but I had no clue how to describe what was wrong...I'm sure they wouldn't have understood what "thingy" was. So, it sat in my drawer...with me lamenting that I couldn't take pictures. I spoke to one of my friends, Jimmy Dean, about it and she mentioned my dilemma to her husband, Mr. D. The next time he saw me, he told me he would look at it....he ended up calling the company who told him to send it in--which he did. So, now, my camera is sitting at the Nikon camera fixing place, waiting for a part. Mr. D told me on Sunday that the part was on back-order and it probably would be the middle of December (or later) before I would get it back.

I would just like to insert here that both my friends, Jimmy Dean and her sidekick, Marsh, have let me use their cameras since the beginning of school. Those pictures I've posted on my Picasa Web link...that I don't know how to give you'll have to wait till I figure it out. Anyway, they have been really gracious in letting me use their cameras (which are really, really nice) at will.

Well, this morning, Jimmy Dean handed me a camera and battery charger. Mr. D is letting me use his camera until mine comes back. Isn't that so nice? I can now capture memories...not just for when I'm in the Nursing home, but for next week.

I am grateful for my friends. I'm thankful that they allow God to use them to be blessings to others, and I'm thankful it was directed towards me in this circumstance. I'm grateful, not just for this one incident, but for all the "little" things that show me that the people in my life care about me and that God cares as well. I'm thankful for the zucchini bread made just for me, and for socks. I'm thankful for late night chats and chauffeuring services. I'm thankful for notes that tell me someone is praying for me. I'm thankful for encouraging words when I want to strangle {in LOVE, of course} my students. Today, I'm also particularly grateful to the 3rd and 4th grade teacher, Rila for cleaning up one of my student's puke while I helped my student in the bathroom. There are so many more "moments" that God has used to say, "See, I am here, close beside you."

"Friends are God's way of taking care of us."

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