Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pilgrim and Indian Day

Two weeks ago, the Upper Academy went to Indiana to attend the annual Empowered Youth conference, held at FBC. While they were gone, we--the Lower Academy--had a Pilgrim & Indian Day.

Half of the students dressed up as Pilgrims, while the other half dressed up as Indians. We started our festivities off by having a general assembly in which the 3rd & 4th grade students presented a reenactment of the "First Thanksgiving". It was HILARIOUS. Seriously. Their teacher, Rila, had recorded them doing the speaking parts, so all they had to do was act it out. Some of the boys lip synced and the others just tried to make sure their movements corresponded to what they were saying. They really did do a good job...their expressions just made it funny.

{The Preacher}

After our general assembly, we had our own Thanksgiving Feast: Meatballs, Cornbread, Baked Potatoes, and for dessert, Individual Apple Pies. Not really how they ate back in the day, but, we started our own tradition. We were going to have smoked venison too--seeing how this is the Northwoods and hunting is a holiday in itself--but couldn't find a smoker {that worked}...Perhaps next year. We enjoyed ourselves anyway.

After we ate, we played games and made a craft.

{Making "pumpkins" our of orange candy slices, and mini Charleston chews for the stems}

{The kids lining up, shortest to tallest for our Indian Brave game}

{The pre-school pilgrims}

{A Pilgrim "Family"}

{The Pilgrims from Pre-school, Kindergarten, and Second grade}

{Kindergarten & Second grade Indians}

{Pilgrim Lady, Rila}

{Squaw, Marsh and Baby;}

{Tuckered out after a fun filled day}

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How fun! I was looking for a picture of you too though...:)