Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In The Air

It's that time of year in the classrooms when all the kids are giddy over the upcoming break from school! We enjoyed making a gingerbread house craft that will hold each child's picture, singing Christmas songs, decorating Christmas tree cookies, opening stockings, and of course,  LOT'S of pictures :).

{All the Stinkers before Superman left for a doctor's appointment}

{Individual pictures for out Gingerbread foam house}

{l-r: Beans, Bear, Peanut, Supergirl, and Sweet Pea}

{The many faces of the Pre-school girls, Supergirl and Sweet Pea}

{My class without Superman}

{Decorating Christmas tree sugar-cookies}

Tomorrow we will open gifts in the morning {so Superman could be with us} and head off to the roller skating rink for some last-day-of-school FUN! Should be interesting!

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