Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Moments {Joy}

When I got my mail this morning,  I was surprised to find not just two cards, but a package too!! I love getting mail!! That's one of my favorite things during Christmas time--getting letters and cards!

I got a beautiful handmade Christmas card from the LC family and also from the AK family:

Some Canadian Chocolatey Goodness from the G Clan!

When I opened my package and saw what was inside, I gave my students a little Canadian lesson. The little candies wrapped in crinkly plastic are called "rockets"--They've been named this for as long as I knew these little candies. The first time someone offered me "smarties" in the States, I said sure! Expecting candy-covered chocolate, I was surprised to find "rockets" in my hands. Huh? It seems to me that my American friends had been mislead all these years--smarties are sweet and chocolatey.....rockets are melt-in-your-mouth-turn-powder candies. So, now the record is set straight.

Anyway, after talking about "rockets" and "smarties", I must have had Canadian words on my mind. After our numbers class, I had my students put their Individual Number Cards in numerical order and told them to come get an elastic to hold the cards together. One of my boys, Bear, looked at me in puzzlement and asked what "elastic" was. Oops....I mean rubber bands--this set off another explanation of Canadian terms. In Canada we call them America, we call them rubber bands.....elastic, rubber band--same thing.

My other boy, Superman, said, "Oh! Like: I'm alive, alert, elusiastic...!" Umm, not quite that...we'll just stick to "rubber bands" and save Canadian words till 5th grade.

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