Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dating Game~ The Love-Hate Relationships

Growing up, I went to a small Christian school where students practically were together since birth or a little thereafter. For the most part, it was a brother-sister relationship amongst us all and we just had fun together.

College was a whole different ball game. I sat back and watched. Boy, was there lots of drama!

Before I go any further, dating--to me--means getting to know someone with the the intent of marrying that person. You may call it whatever you want; I'm just letting you know what I mean when I write on the topic :).

The Love-Hate Relationships

I saw couples fall in love like.....and then fall out.....then fall in. I don't know if they just couldn't decide to like each other, or if they were just trying to add spice to their life. Seriously though? How can you have a hate-love relationship and call it dating? If you get together and then realize that you're actually NOT compatible with each staying apart for 2 days going to change that? I can't think of any couple who had a relationship like this and actually stayed together.

For one reason or another, either one or both parties will say "we need to take a break". Three reasons come to mind when I hear this kind of statement: 1. They can't see a future for their relationship {as in marriage}, 2. They are too wimpy to just break up, or 3. They have moved too fast and are going to end up as sophomore newly-weds.

I've been taught that when you date someone, it is with the intent of possibly marrying that person. Dating is not a game as it is often portrayed all around us. My freshman year, Preacher gave us a guideline for what one should look for in a potential mate. I also remember him saying that a person should make a list of qualities that you want your spouse to have, and then accept/reject dates based on it.

Just to clarify, it doesn't mean that you can't get to know guys/girls who are not on your list; on the contrary, you should have a wide variety of friends! Your life will be richer and more rounded if you are not intent on just dating but also making life-long friends.

In due time, God will give you the desires of your heart. Dating just for the sake of having a status, or having someone shower you with attention/goodies is not right. You are cheating yourself and the other person. God only wants to give us His best, and it is also true in this matter of finding The One. Just wait on Him.

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