Friday, January 14, 2011

Feasting Friday's {My Own}

Ok, so remember my goals? Remember how I was going to test out a new recipe a week? Well...I'm going to have to tweak that for this week. I was all set to start my "Feasting Friday" posts when I realized that the meals I made this week...came with no recipe.

I just chopped, mixed, sauted, and simmered an assortment of ingredients in a pot, and got my own version of tacos. Tonight, I threw things together...and got seasoned chicken breast, rice, and a potato dish. I did a pinch of this and that...eyeballed measurements.. I like looking through my cookbooks, and recipes online...but I also love creating my "own" recipe. Especially now that I've started cooking for one, there's lots to experiment with!

I don't have a recipe to show you--at least for this week..and only have a few pictures...Next week will be better!

By the way, everything tasted so good!

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Anonymous said...

That is the best way to cook! Use whatever is in the cabinet or fridge!