Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Project!

Ok, so technically, I've already made this project for Christmas gifts. But we're not here to argue technicalities, right? Just celebrating the fact that I actually can start and finish something "crafty"--anything besides reading.

Anyway, the credit of this particular project belongs to a lady in my church who makes the cutest things. For Christmas, she gave me a pair of pink fuzzy socks, and they came uniquely packaged (this is from Google Image; I forgot to take a picture of mine)

Isn't it cute? And you can do it for baby showers, birthday presents, Christmas gifts, teacher gifts...A gift that is usable AND comes in a pretty package. Good deal, don't you think?

The other gift she gave me was a post-it message holder:

I like it so much that I wanted to make one for my office and one to use in my classroom. It doesn't hurt that it gives me a easy intro to projects :)

You will need:
Picture frames {I used Mainstays from Wal-Mart; I used the 6x4 in and 5x3.5 in}
Post-it notes {any color}
Scrapbooking paper
Clear pens {I use Pentel RSVP}
Flower embellishments
Velcro attachments {circle}

{Post-it notes not pictured}

First, I take the paper out of the frame and trace it onto my scrapbook paper--design side down--and cut it out.

Slide it into the frame.

Next, cut a 3.5 in rectangular piece of the same paper. Curve up the sides of the paper to overlap them; next fit it in the unscrewed pen. Screw the pen back on, making sure the paper says overlapped. If it doesn't screw on, cut off a little bit until it does.


Next position your embellishments in the corner of the frame, and your post-it note centered to them. Like so:

I don't use the Velcro attachments {primarily because I have pens everywhere, and grab one as needed.} but you can put one above the post-it note with its partner on your pen. This way, you never lose your pen :) Neat idea, huh?

{This is the 6x4 in.}


{Final Project}

I'm sure there are a lot of spin-offs you could do; it would be neat to see what other people come up with.
As for me, I'm a little bit proud of what I was able to do for minimal cost and still have something that looks cute :)