Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's Official

Happy New Year!

I am completely moved in. I have started the process of un-packing, doing laundry {call me crazy, but I always have to wash all clothing that has been packed}, hanging and folding...

The bookshelf is organized with all my cookbooks, history & biographies, fictional and devotional books, photo albums, and CD's.

I have always wanted to do a collage of pictures in a hallway...I'm going to modify and use one of my walls instead. I was going to wait until I painted my room, but why wait till summer to put pictures up? So, that will be my project for next week, seeing as how I still have to put more of my stuff away and situate my room how I want it.

The owner said that we can use anything we wanted from The House, or garages/lean-to's {and they quite literally lean}. Well, most of the furniture we didn't want, so the Manly Men put those all in the garage. While they were out there, they saw a beautiful maple {I think?} log table with two chairs and asked if I wanted it. The set now sits in the corner of the room downstairs. I love it. It is about the height of a kitchen island, and has many versatile uses! This morning I sat there for my devotions, breakfast, and meal planning {another story in itself}!

The kitchen still needs help. While I was cleaning in there yesterday, I realized that either the cupboards were crooked, or the ceiling was sloping. It was the ceiling, so I guess the cupboards were placed to match. I personally think that it should just be gutted and rebuilt, but since that is not an option, my focus will be to make things work as they are--and get the Manly Men to help as needed :)

I'm really excited to decorate The House. Up until now, I haven't really been interested in crafty/creativity type projects--give me a good book, and I'm set. Recently though, I find myself looking at different pieces of furniture and thinking of ways to improve or change the look; I think of color schemes that would work well together in different rooms...possibilities are endless! I just may have found a new hobby for a new year!

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