Tuesday, January 11, 2011

King of the Hill

When I was in school, the game of choice at recess was always hockey. Rarely did we play anything else. I remember my high school teacher trying to get us into other kinds of sports. We tried European handball, soccer baseball {or as Americans call it, "kick-ball"}, regular baseball, and even some basketball. But always, we returned to the the tried and true Canadian game of hockey.

I remember playing during the cool fall days...and losing our puck among fallen leaves. Heroic saves were rare during the winter when the puck would whiz at you with alarming speed, feeling like a sledgehammer upon connection. You had to be careful with your hockey stick in the early spring so as to not shower those around you puddle water. The last couple months before school let out was my favorite time to play because we all wore our roller blades.

If there were not enough kids to play a good game of hockey, then we would play King of the Hill. After a good snowfall, all the snow would be plowed to one side of our parking lot and we would compete to see who could stay up the longest. At first we would try not to get too much snow on us...but, pretty soon our school clothes would be almost sopping. Looking back, I don't know why we played as soon as we got to school. We were miserable for most of the day!

When I stepped out of our school today and saw this

I was transported back to my school days when we would play King of the Hill...

These guys were smarter...they played after school instead of before!

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