Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Moments {11 Goals for 2011}

I don't know that I've ever really sat down and made resolutions for a beginning New Year. I love to dream and plan, but I've come to realize that most times I don't follow through. I become comfortable with how things are and and have a "one day" mindset. By nature, I'm a phlegmatic--a laid back, go with the flow type of personality. One of the negatives of being a phlegmatic is apathy; not caring about some things. I am hoping with setting some definite goals for this year, to change negative aspects of my personality. In our Ladies Bible Study, we have been talking about people's different personalities and their strengths and weaknesses. One of the challenges was to work at taking your weaknesses and turning them into strengths. This is my overall goal for this year. My other 11 goals include:

1. Read my Bible all the way through from Genesis to Revelation. I have read all the books in the Bible, just not in order.
2. Win souls for the Lord.
3. Be at a healthy weight & run in a race.
4. Finish my "country" to do list: milk a cow, gather chicken eggs, ride a horse and grow my own garden.
5. Write one letter a week and respond within 2 mailing days.
6. Start and complete one project a month.
7. Travel to the East Coast to visit family and visit National landmarks.
8. Work on my writing and photography skills by posting on my blog everyday.
9. Take a photography workshop--online or in person.
10. Try a new recipe a week & organize my recipes.
11. Make mini goals for each day, week and month.

The saying, "if you aim at nothing, you will hit nothing" is true--this past weekend showed me that. I want to look back on 2011 and say I didn't waste time; I accomplished some things. I am aiming...and I will hit my goals. I know I'm not exactly starting the 1st of January, but I'd rather start now then say "I'll do it next year".

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Sharon said...

Ok, so we have to do #7, then, ya? I'm on it.