Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Moments {Mysterious Ways}

God surely works in mysterious ways. In my previous post, Crossroads, I talked about choices--today, I want to talk about my parents' choices which of course influenced me in a real way. 

My parents were both born in a small country in the North-Eastern part of Africa. When my parents were in their middle to late teens, their country went to war to be free of the tyranny of a government that was not their own. My late Grandpa, urged his newly married son to flee and protect his bride and start a new life. My parents don't really talk about what happened on their forty day walk to freedom; but, I do know that it was very dangerous and many times, the company they were in almost got caught. The horrors they faced were overwhelming, but God was protecting them, and the whole company made it safely into a neutral country.

My dad was able to find work as an electrician, and they were able to get along in this new country. It was here that the first four children in my family were born--I being the second oldest. Around the time of my youngest brother's birth, my parents homeland became its own nation: my parents now had a choice to make of where they would spend the rest of their lives. By this time they had been introduced to the country of Canada, and were eligible to move there.

Before them was the choice to move back to a country that was ravaged by war, or start a new life in Canada. When I ask my Dad and Mum how they came to their decision, Dad says "Your Mum wanted you kids to have a good education...and to learn about God." So, at the age of five, I and my family moved from Africa to Canada.

There is so much I can say...about the Greek Orthodox and Lutheran religious backgrounds my parents had, but who knew that there was still Someone missing in their lives--Jesus Christ...I can tell you how we almost didn't become eligible to move to Canada and how God moved the Counsel's heart.....

As I look back and see the choices that were made, I see God's Hand in my parent's lives. Although they did not know Him yet, He was opening doors and guiding us to Him.

The Bible says that God does not hide Himself, and those who seek Him will find Him. I'm thankful that my Mum and Dad were willing to seek for Truth...and even more so the God was there to show them.

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Sharon said...

I like this story. Hadn't heard it before. It's a good illustration of God's work in their lives and yours. I'm glad they chose to go to Canada. ;-)