Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Moments {Reflect}

With the New year just begun, and my quarter-of-a-century birthday looming ahead, I've once again started analyzing my life as it is. I have so much to change and grow in, that at times it can be a bit overwhelming. While striving to be perfect in Christ, I'm so thankful He understands my shortcomings and gives grace for each new day. So, for the year 2011, I want to change and grow...and finish this year different than when I began.

He's Changing Me

Little by little, day by day,
Little by little, in every way,
Jesus is changing me, He's changing me.
Since I made a turnabout face,
I've been growing in His grace.
Jesus is changing me!

He's changing me,
My precious Jesus
I'm not the same person that I used to be!
Sometimes it's slow going,
But there's a knowing
That one day perfect I will be!
Little by little, day by day.
Little by little, in every way.
I'm growing like my Lord, more like my Lord.
As I'm learning about God's ways,
And obeying what He says,
Jesus is changing me.


Sharon said...

Awww...I haven't sung this song for a while. Love it, though. Thanks for the good reminder. HE is changing me. That's a good thought, too.

Elsabeth said...

I remember singing it the most in Bible Club :) Great memories.