Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nursery Babes

One of my favorite ministries to work in is the Nursery.

I love when they play hide & seek...picking the same spot to hide everytime. The seeker than pretends not to know where to look. My favorite was when Sweet Pea accused Supergirl of "cheating" when the seeking lasted only a couple seconds instead of the usual 2 minutes.

I enjoy listening to their stories and make-believe...linking Cinderella with the Indian Braves foraging for food.

I love their creativity--whether it is building tents, putting chairs together to form a bus, or using the toy box as a ship on the high seas.

I love their simplicity and innocence. I love their teachable hearts and impressionable minds. They are not perfect, and they try my patience many times, but when they give me sweet hugs and kisses, everything is all right once again.

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