Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Moments

The last couple weeks have been so crazy and really eye-opening. I am really learning to rely on God completely, and trust Him for the outcome of the whole situation.

I can't tell you all about it {my situation} quite yet, but I hope to soon. I're not supposed to say that you have something to say, and then not say it. Actually, I just had the same conversation with one of my five year olds in class today.

He started by telling me of the wrist band his sister had at birth. Then he asked me why she had that--"So people won't steal her?" is how he answered himself :) Anyway, this got the whole class talking about when they were born and the events they remember were told by their moms and dads.

In the middle of it all, Bear glances at me, says, "you know what else?"...then turned all shy and embarrassed and said, "never mind".

After my little lecture of it being wrong to spark someones curiosity and then not tell them, he decided to go a head and say what was on his mind.

"When I was a baby, my diaper exploded all over" he impishly says. Maybe I shouldn't have persuaded him to tell me because then all the stories began to go downhill.

"Class, it's time for Bible!" Can't let them get too talkative--you never know what other stories they want to share with their class!

They are so funny and sweet, as well as a bunch of STINKERS--nonetheless, a great group of kids that I'm completely in love with.

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