Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Teacher Stuff

Last year was a lot of "new" experiences: New church, new school, new responsibilities, new faces, new procedures, and I was a newbie teacher.
My poor kids last year--they were definitely guinea pigs!  I fear that although they were only 4 & 5 years old,  I treated them more like 4th and 5th graders. Perhaps I expected too much out of them, yet, I'm amazed at how far they progressed throughout the year because of it. I don't think I pushed them more than they could handle, and they showed that they are made out of strong stuff, in spite of my blunders.

My youngest girl was SO shy. She would barely talk to me at all and didn't really interact with the other students. But, she grew out of that and today is really talkative and sweet. She still can be shy at times, but it is only with new people--she has come out of her shell a lot. She is my Sunshine. Her nosy inquisitive nature is hilarious, as she comes up with some unique questions. She does not beat around the bush, but tells how it is. She has an infectious smile and giggle. She is the type of child you just want to squeeze in a hug.

Today was her first day in the craft class, and she wanted to knit. She wanted ME to teach her. I am not a knitter; I can crochet, but not knit. Well, by trial and error--and many laughs--we got it. I was so proud of her.  Then, after school, she wanted to sit in the classroom and knit instead of going home. She wanted to come to my house instead so I could help her with her knitting "with two needles". {We basically only learned to "cast on" today, so I wouldn't have had any idea how to help her!} She did go home, but I'm sure that tomorrow I'll hear requests for knitting time :o

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