Thursday, February 10, 2011


Remember my post about family and I had a news clip of the Bates family? If you didn't watch it, you should; it's really cute. Anyway, they have 18 children now, and want 2 more boys to make it a total of 10 boys and 10 girls. Well, just a couple days ago, they announced that they were going to have another baby!

Their website is Congratulations to them!

Ever since that fateful Tuesday when the crafting lessons in knitting, crocheting, and cross stitching's all I hear about from my two girls.

When they come into the classroom first thing in the morning, it's "May I knit/cross stitch now?"

During break time, I hear "May I bring my knitting/cross stitching down and do it after I eat my snack?"

They quickly finish their papers in hopes that I'll let them get out their perspective craft and do it in class.

They would rather sit and work on their craft instead of playing with the other kids.

They would rather stay with me after school, instead of going home. All so they can get in a few minutes of knitting or cross stitching.

I think someone, or someones in this case, are addicted. I know what they'll be doing in the nursing home 75 years from now--sitting in their rocking chairs, hands gnarled and eyes dim...but those needles will be flying.


I am going back to Canada. Now, why would that be such a shocker? Because I've not been home in the last two years because of my paperwork. It has been such a long, difficult, process...I hope to have everything settled by this Fall. I'm going to leave after kindergarten graduation, and hopefully be back by October. I say "hopefully" because in government matters...things are never guaranteed.

My lawyer was so funny. She asked me if I was dating. I said no, why? Apparently it only takes 3 months to get a visa if you're married to an American. Huh. Too bad my Knight is still out riding.

This is what I've had to trust God about. And really pray about. I want to be doing God's will, and I believe that He will show me the pathway, even when it is obscured from my view. When my future becomes hazy, He still has a perfect view.

I heard of Benjamin Everson towards the beginning of the school year. He sings a lot of A Capella and he sings all the parts by himself! I love the words to this song--some parts are very aptly suited to me right now. I couldn't find a video of him actually singing it {I have the CD, but don't know how to put it on here} so I wrote the words out and added a video of him singing another song. You can always look him up online, as well.

These are the words:

The Pilgrim
Mysteries and shadows, questions and fear
Must this way I travel be unclear?
The path ahead is dark, I cannot see.
But there is One Who knows it perfectly!


My Father planned it all, ahead of time for me.
Each circumstance, each step and path selected carefully.
When night begins to fall, and I can barely see
My eyes cannot discern the right,
So, I'll trust His perfect sight.

Some trails and valleys, days of great pain
Wrestling and hurtful loss, dreary rain
For joy and laughter; cherished dreams come true--
all perfect gifts that only come from You.

Looking back, I see His guiding hand.
His works of love were hard to understand--
Now, cherished tokens of His love for me,
Reminders that He gives what's best to me.

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