Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yesterday we discussed Postal services and men and women who deliver mail. The students had a brief amount of time to start a letter to whomever they wished.

The assignment was to write about anything they wanted--to someone who, preferably, lived far away. I expected: well, thought-out sentences, variety and creativity in sentence structure, perfect punctuation and spelling. In addition to having beautifully scripted writing. No Doctor scratch allowed here!

They looked at me in rapt attention, soaking in all the required details for this their precious first letter. One child had her head cocked in such a way that conveyed deep thought.

Or perhaps it was just perplexment as to what all the words spouting from my mouth meant.

Did I mention I used my English accent?

We didn't have a lot of time so, seeing as 3 are in K5 and 1 in K4, I conceded to let them draw a picture before writing their magnificent letters.

Today we wrapped them up; here they are in all their glory. Please, don't be too magnanimous with your comments; their heads will swell.

The first masterpiece.

The second masterpiece.

The third masterpiece.

And, unfortunately, I cannot get Picasa to work for my fourth student's masterpiece. And since I'm losing my patience with this piece of machinery [computer], I'm calling it a night and, hopefully, tomorrow I can get things to work.

Anyway, I'm sure it would have been easier to scan them, but since I don't have one, these pictures will have to do.

I'm sure the recipients will enjoy having their own masterpiece of a letter!

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