Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A List of My Sad Tale of Bathroom Rennovations...Or Lack Thereof

1. The shower door does not latch properly anymore. You have to give it a few good yanks to close it, just to have it pop open mid-shower.

2. Because of that, water leeks through. And forms puddles. Also there's a gap in the corner.

3. It must have been happening for a while. I'm sure underneath the plastic tiles, the floor is rotting through. I can just imagine one day falling through and landing in our basememt covered in spider webs. And hanging dead mice.

Not really on the last part, maybe. I did see one hanging upside down from the rafters. Almost at eye level. It was gross. I'm not sure how long he was there.

4. The top half of the walls? Remember I forgot what they were called? Well, it's panelling. Covered in a plastic-water-resistent-wallpaper-look-a-like.  For trailers. My Crafty Friend said that regular primer would just form little beads.

5. Therefore, the primer I got will not stick to those walls.

6. On top of that, my Crafty Friend told me that I would have to sand down the bottom half.

7. I did not think I had to do that. I knew that I would need to fill and sand the holes where nails were, but not the entire wall!

8. No, I've never done home renovations before.

9. I helped my Dad paint...well, I held up the paint tray...and I painted most of the nursery here at church.

10. Marsh made me promise to get everything done in the bathroom before I left in June...

11. It's a good thing her sister came to visit us soon after I was ready to start. Obviously, I couldn't paint when they were here.

12. I'm also grateful that Marsh suggested I wait until after my Scentsy party before I started painting. Housemates are good sometimes, huh?

She'll be relieved to know that no half-done rennovation jobs will be left for her to clean up.

13. Does anyone need primer that prevents mold? Or white paint?

14. I guess this is where research would have come in handy before I had my heart set on making over the bathroom!

15. And I was so looking forward to having a changed bathroom. In blue's and cream's.


Anonymous said...

I am soooo sorry for disappointing you! Maybe you could ask for a second opinion!

Elsabeth said...

Oh, don't worry; I'm glad someone told me before I had a disaster on my hands! So, you in fact did me a favor :)