Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Moments {Conglomeration Of Things}

1. In social studies right now, we are learning about community helpers. Today we discussed the firefighters, mail men/women, and government leaders. I had a poster of a mayor sitting at his desk and was just about to explain his person to the students when Superman blurted out, "Hey that's the PRIEST!".

I have NO idea where he got that from.

2. Yesterday was so warm in the morning. I'm not sure of the temperature, but several people were out on their bikes and were workin' up a sweat.

I sat on my rocker in our screened porch sipping iced tea and reading a book. And talked to Marsh when she got back from her ride. And some other friends who dropped by.

I love Spring.

3. My youngest sister turned 4 yesterday. The last time I saw her, she was just over 2 years and that's the image I have of her. Therefore, when she talks to me on the phone like a 14 year old, I'm blown over. She is hilarious. And, she sounds like my brother so I always get them mixed up--as she so graciously tells me. Not.

4. Sometimes I wish I had a puppy. Or kitten. But the feeling soon passes when I see mentioned animals slobbering all over their owners faces.

I guess I just like the idea of having a pet.

5. There are only 7 more school days until our spring break!! And, no, my counting is not off on this. We only have school Monday to Thursday :).

6. This means that Preaching conference is two weeks from today. Which reminds me that I never did post part two of my PC week from last year--better get on the ball before this year's!

7. There is hardly any snow on the ground. The torrential downpour from yesterday took care of that.

8. Speaking of the thunderstorm, I was afraid my window in my room was going to shatter from all the wind! I also heard that a tornado touched down in a town just 20 {30 if you drive to enjoy the scenery} minutes away from us and could possibly be coming our way.

It didn't.

9. So, remember my sad tale of my bathroom makeover? And the shower was having problems as well as the flooring? Well, I talked to the landlord and we most likely will get a new shower and floor! So, perhaps my makeover won't be completely scrapped.

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