Saturday, April 23, 2011

On Which the Prince of Glory Died

The Weight of the Cross

The crowd pressed in to see this Man who stood condemned to die,
The Man they once proclaimed as King, they now would crucify.
They laid a cross upon His back, pushed Him up the road.
The path would lead to Calvary--He fell beneath the load.
And as I watched I understood the burden that He bore
Was more than just the heavy tree--
the weight was so much more.

The weight of the cross was the weight of my sin.
Not the weight of the tree that was carried by Him.
My guilt and disgrace, Jesus bore in my place.
On Calvary's road, 'neath the weight of the Cross.

His face was scarred; His body bruised.
His head was crowned with thorns.
The crowd now jeered and cursed His name
The object of their scorn.
He never spoke a word to them
The silent Lamb of God.
This Man of Sorrow bore the Cross--
He chose to carry all.
But somehow in His eyes I saw
Love beyond the pain.
As if He knew His sacrifice and loss
Would be my gain.

Consider for a moment the sacrifice Jesus made for you and I. Consider the love He has for us. Consider your responsibility of choosing or rejecting Jesus Christ--not only for salvation, but also for each time you choose to sin over living for Him.

Consider WHO He is...and then consider the things He went through. Betrayal. Mockery. Rejection. Pain. Suffering. Anguish. Took on Himself our sins--the sins of the whole world.

He did all that by choice. No one forced Christ to go through what He did for us--He did it because of His unconditional love for us.

Can we--can I--do any less for Him than to give Him my heart and my soul? My life?

This Easter, take some time to consider what He has done for you. And what you are doing for Him.

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