Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Timeless Treasures {A Charlie Brown Sorta Night}

I normally post just pictures--sometimes with minimal words--on Wednesdays. And to date, they've been my own.

But tonight I'm going to post this picture of Charlie Brown:

because tonight has been a "Charlie Brown" night, and because of the sentiment behind it. When one of my best friends would have a rough day--everything going wrong that possibly can--he would say, "Oh Elsa! I'm having a Charlie Brown day!

I guess it would be the same as having a "Jonah of day" except with Charlie instead of Jonah :)

I think I've exceeded my "minimal" amount of words for Wednesdays--so, have a good night!


Valerie said...

Hope today is better. My whole week has been "Charlie Brownish"! Praying the Lord helps us both. ♥

Anonymous said...

I love this picture--

His mercies are new every morning!
Chin up:)