Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Timeless Treasures {Twizzler Eating Contest}

This sememster, I started waking up my students after an hour rest period to work on more school work. Their favorite!
{I was only half day before, but wanted to incorporate some science and history lessons in the afternoon--so twice a week, we have full days of school.}

Anyway, on this particular day, the kids were exceptionally sleepy and taking their time waking up, so I had a contest: who can eat the twizzlers the quickest--a throwback to my days of working on bus in college :)

The boys each got two twizzlers that they had to unwrap and eat. The girls just wanted to watch.

Here we are after I said "GO!". Superman was having a hard time opening his twizzler. He was also listening to his female classmates.

Bear was munching his as Superman still struggled...

I couldn't help; I was taking pictures. Besides, that would have been cheating.

The enthusiastic spectators. Intently looking back and forth, wondering which boy would win.

They were also sharing their insights on how to open twizzlers. I don't think it did Superman any good.

The winner.

Superman lost came in second place. Positive thinking is key.

He did keep trying to get his twizzler open. He finally got it after school.

He must have been really tired.

Oh, and the prize for winning was...a twizzler.

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