Thursday, May 19, 2011

List, A

:: Today we had an interested family come visit our school. The children's ages vary, so almost all of us teachers had them in class for a little bit.

:: I felt bad for my kids because they all became flustered and shy--this was the first time we've had people in class with us.

:: I have found--after having my evenings and weekends relatively "kid" free since the start of the year--that taking care of the M girls {while their parents and ULC go down to Virginia for competition} is both exhausting and a refreshing change from same old every day things.

:: While technically we have school until June 2, my class finished TODAY! The next four days of school will primarily be to get ready for kindergarten graduation!!

:: My brother had his birthday on the 10th of this month. He became a teenager. My Mum had her "fake" birthday this month too--on the 7th. She is 36.

Stop reading already.. no.. stop... Stoooop.

Is it so interesting? See? it's not! You're just reading because there's words! Why are you reading? Yes, I'm enjoying this. I'll stop now. Ok.. I'll stop as soon as you stop reading. See how well that works? Perfect...

....You're still reading...
:: G'night everyone! :)

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