Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Moments {Beginning of SB/PC WeeK}

Springbreak was off to a wonderful start this past week. It was also the week of Preaching Conference!
Crazy Lady's husband had some things to take care of, so they weren't able to make it down until late Wednesday night. Because of that, Cowboy Joe and I rode with the S family on Sunday after our morning service. The group spent the night at MS's grandmother's house {who is a delightful, spunky older lady}, while I went over by Marsh's family home. It was a surprise to all of us how close they all lived to each other.

Anyway, since we weren't planning to get back on the road until noonish, Marsh was going to take me to the Riemann Visitor Center:

Marsh's mom went with us, and we had fun looking at their Norman Rockwell exhibition {the largest collection, I believe}, reading limericks in their Limerick Hall of Fame, looking at all the neat birdhouses readers sent in for a contest, watching a short feature that told about the town and a little bit of Riemann Publication history--and many other neat little things.

We were also able to visit their outlet store downstairs and I got the 2010 recipe book:

It was only $5! And that is a bargain, I think. This is the first time I've bought one myself--I've gotten 5 or 6 of them as gifts :)
I really wanted to get their Reminisce books, but refrained {just barely}. I might get them on Amazon.

Once we left the visitor center we realized that we didn't have much time before having to drive back to meet up with the S family and Cowboy Joe, so we couldn't go to the restaurant across the road that serves recipes showcased in the Riemann magazines and cookbooks.

No matter, it was a lovely experience and perhaps I'll get a chance to once again visit this quaint town that houses one of my favorite food publication.

We got to FBC about 4:00 that afternoon and we were all able to get registered. I stayed with some friends in the dorm, and since there were no services the first night {they have a sustainer's banquet the first night}, several of us girls went out to Pizza Hut for some food and fellowship.

The first full day of the week was full, but I enjoyed every minute. It set a good precedent for the rest of the week.

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Kristi said...

I LOVE Taste of Home cookbooks!! They're my favorites.

And I would love to visit that visiting center. That's my kind of stuff right there. LOL