Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Moments { Memorial Day, 2011: Honour Our Soldiers }

Thankful for the men and women who have fought--not only in the recent war in Afghanistan and Iraq, but throughout the centuries of America and Canada becoming their own countries. I'm thankful that people still believe in freedoms, and are fighting for them. It saddens me to hear disparaging comments about the military--do people really want to lower the morale of our soldiers by riding on their political high horse? Can't people be supportive of the men and women standing in harm's way? For those who will die today? Are people so far removed that they are ungrateful for the sacrifices made on their behalf? What if the troops were to all come home? Then would you cry and wail that the freedoms you once enjoyed are being taken over by the enemy? Yes, there are wrong decisions made everyday. There are other ways of doing things: but, must people take it out on the soldiers?

I for one, support our troops. I am thankful for their willingness to take my place. I'm thankful I can enjoy my life with its freedoms because of their sacrifice. I'm thankful for servicemen and women on the front lines; for their loved ones back home; for those who have laid down their lives; and for citizens who support the troops. I'm thankful for those I know personally that serve; the husband of one of my best friends is serving right now in Afghanistan. Through this couple I've gotten just a glimpse of what it must be like for people that have loved ones in the war. The waiting, the uncertainty and fear; the hopelessness of not being able to "do" anything; the loneliness of being apart. The pride of knowing you're standing for right; the unselfishness of serving, even when it is not appreciated at times; the hope of reuniting; the realization of how precious time and love is with each other.

 I'm proud and thankful to be a Canadian...and I'm proud and thankful America is our neighbour and ally. I'm grateful for these days set apart--Memorial Day, Remembrance Day, and Veteran's Day--in which we can remember:

All gave some, and some gave All.

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