Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SP/PC Week~ Pacific Garden Mission Tour

Please allow me to share some pictures of when I visited the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago.

A Place of Refuge

Since 1877, Pacific Garden Mission has been a refuge. Millions weary of struggling through life's storms, have come to the "Old Lighthouse” seeking food, shelter, clothing, medical, and dental care.

They also came seeking the answer to life’s struggles. They are offered the answer: life through faith in Jesus Christ.

Mission Garden Statement

The architect wanted to bring some of the "outside" in, so there are streetlights in the hallways and lots of pipes. I didn't really expect the building to look that way, and although I really like all the windows, I don't care for the other amenities.

The cafeteria.

One of the many hallways.

Donated clothes.

Where "Unshackled" is performed/aired.

Greenhouse for the men growing some vegetables.

Ladies greenhouse for flowers and other plants.

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