Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Year Older

I remember when Marcus was born. My Mum was overdue, and did not want to be induced, and so she started walking. That weekend was a village-wide garage sale in our community, and so Mum planned to kill two birds with one stone: finding great deals, and having a baby.

I was left to watch the three of the younger kids, while two of the other boys went to find some treasures with our Mum. The boys rode their bikes so they came back to the house often to show us what they had found or to tell us of what was going on.

My Dad was soon home from work, and after knowing that Mum was already out finding things, decided to take the car and try to find her. As you can imagine, a village-wide garage sale is going to garner a lot of attention, and there were many cars, cyclists, as well as people on foot.

By the time Dad found Mum, she had taken shelter in a nice woman's garage because all that walking had done its work--

Marcus was born that day, and another brother was added to our family!

The funny Monkey :)

Maybe he will get his two {more like four!} front teeth for Christmas ;)

I got him Bop It for his birthday--so far, he {as well as the rest of us} is having a blast trying to beat the scores.


Happy Birthday Marc! Can't believe you're already 8 years old! It seems just yesterday you were a short, curly-haired mischievous boy--how much you have grown-- May God bless you with many more!
Love you!

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Rebecca said...

That is such a great story! Your little brother is adorable glad you were able to be home for his birthday.