Saturday, June 11, 2011

College & Career

Tonight we had our first college and career get together. I was able to meet Rob and Jennifer as well as Alisha and Paul; get reacquainted with David and Juan {we went to the same academy and they just came back from Honduras}, Jake, Melissa, and of course David and Theresa.

Since we just had a small group this time, we played a game of basketball instead of the original plan for soccer. A couple of us were sports inclined, but for the most part, we all just played for fun and had a good time showing off our skills...or lack thereof :) For sure we got a good workout and some of us just sweated glistened for proof! After my team won--yay Juan, Paul, and Alisha!-- we headed inside for snacks and a devotional from Pastor Whitecar. He challenged our faith--what our priorities are. Are we focused on the here and now, or are we laying up treasure in Heaven. Do we have faith enough to trust God for things that we can't see?

I enjoyed getting together with some people around my age. I am looking forward to more great times with each other and also helping one another become better Christians.


Rebecca said...

Glad your having fun and are able to spend time with some people your own age, instead of us old geezers!!!

Elsabeth said...

You ARE in my age group! :)The career and college group is the singles and married couples {that don't have kids} from out of high school all the way up to 40.

Besides, I did enjoy doing things with you all :)