Sunday, June 5, 2011

Graduation Poem

Upon Graduation
With eyes that look along the road of years
Far stretching into devious length ahead,
You stand today, beset with hopes and fears
Not knowing what, as on your steps are led,
The years hold for you; what of joy or care
Awaits you on the road as yet untrod.
But still with strength of youth art standing there
Trusting thy future to the Hand of God
Be strong, O Youth, and strive as forth you go,
to fight for truth; be bold in her defense
Uphold the right and on her cause bestow
Thy strength, nor give a thought to recompense.
Search out the plan thy God hath made for you
And know thy life will then be great and true.
~Edith Dunn Bolar, Moody Monthly

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