Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Moments {Odds & Ends}

*My little sister, Ruth, has become much more assertive than I remember her to be. She has also increased greatly in strength. I don't know if it brotherly influence or not, but today she was determined to "beat" me up. I laughed so incredibly hard. Because of that, it was really hard for me to get her off--not to mention her strong grip and dead weight that she used to her advantage! Before she could "win" I was supposed to cry "Auntie Ruth!" know, instead of "Uncle!". Obviously there was no way I could gracefully let my five year old pipsqueak sister be the winner, so in authoritative voice I told her we were done playing. She didn't look none too happy, and I would have loved to know what she was thinking. What a crazy Monkey she is.

*Today I wrote out a new resume....the last one I did was 7 years ago!

*I was going to mail some letters today but found the post office closed. Canada Post is on strike because they want more. These are tight times, and still the labour union promoted this strike. Meanwhile, I am inconvenienced.

*For the first time in years, Canada has top dollar. One the one hand, it's great; on the other, now that I have to switch my money from American to Canadian dollars....not so great.

*I was told recently that it was against the laws of Canada to spank your children. I did not know the right to parent your children as you see fit {Bible way} was no longer part of our freedoms.

May God help us to still raise godly children!

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