Friday, July 8, 2011

An Interruption...

We are interrupting this month long series of "Celebrating Canada" to bring you a special broadcast...Quite sad, I must say :(
My darling, sweet, kind, giant, pipsqueak of a brother decided to "air dry" {by dropping it out of my window} my folder after acting like a nincompoop and knocking my glass of water and thereby saturating it. And of course like a responsible teenager, he promptly forgot all about my book and went on his merry little way.

Well, yesterday was garbage day at our house, and some person with character decided to clean up the back yard and put the pink folder into the recycling. And now it is far, far away. I learned all of this only about an hour ago, and although I tried to guilt trip my brother into getting it {before I realized it got recycled} from outside, it was all to no avail. So, for the moment...well, maybe for a couple days while I try to get a new copy of the script, I am without a book and we will not be able to taste a little bit of Canada's history.

Which truly is sad to me. All my life, with the exception of perhaps a year, I have only had/been taught American history...and, I even taught 5th and 6th grade history for student teaching. I had a great time, because I love reading history, and especially that of America. In light of all that though, I have greatly enjoyed being able to go through the alphabet and learn something about Canada...while I only put a little blurb on here, I spend several hours reading about them "behind the scenes". It never is too late to learn history, and especially that of your own country. Little by little, I'm learning what it means to be a Canadian, and the pride that comes with it.
A concept that Pastor JV taught us during college was that you love what you know, and you know what you love. Now he was talking about music at the time, but you can apply that to anything in life...and I'm learning to love Canada :)

Hopefully this weekend I can come up with the script, and share some more about the greatest country on earth...


Good night!

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