Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh So Quick

**Like I mentioned earlier this week...I got a job! Changing careers from teaching to ringing up groceries I think is going to take some adjustment, but I am thankful the Lord provided me with a job so soon after I applied. More on that later.

**This is my parent's 30th year of marriage. Their anniversary was in January, and my Dad had planned on a family trip back home, to Eritrea. Unfortunately, things did not work out and the trip got put on the back burner. However, details were ironed out for them to go to Calgary, Alberta; a province west of us.

Ted, Tesfay, and I are going to be caretakers, and since we all work, I'm sure there will be some juggling of responsibilities. Of course, I keep reminding my Mum that I took care of the kids way before I was Shammah and Ermias's age when her and Dad would go grocery shopping. I remember the all day events that would take them to Toronto, and I would watch the kids. If Erm does need to watch the kids at all, it would only be for a couple hours and four at the most. No big deal.....not to my Mum though. I don't know how much R&R she's going to get since I know her thoughts will be with us, her children. And besides, how bad can a week be?

Anyway, I need to drive them to the airport in the morning. I am so thankful that London has an airport and we don't need to go all the way to Toronto--two hours away. Their flight leaves at 7 and they will arrive around 9 {there is a time change}.

**Today we celebrated my niece's birthday. She will turn two on Sunday. Rochelle is such a character and I just love her to pieces.

It was also time to take pictures. An exorbitant amount. But, I suppose that it has been a while since we got a whole group family picture....come to think of it, I don't know that we have any from my baby brother Little D to my Dad. Some pictures are so cute...others blurred and fit only for deleting...while still others, although not perfect, will remind us of the oh-so-hot day that we sweated glistened through our- first in a long, long time family picture.


Dad & Mum

The Big Boys--Tesfay, Yemane, and Tedros

Playing "Hot Potato" with Marc

Me and my kid Brothers

Us four "foreigners"......

We also got one of the Canada born babies, but it is on the other camera and I'll upload when I get  a chance.

Well, I better get to sleep if I want to coherent when I drive in the morning!

Good night, y'all!

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