Saturday, July 2, 2011


I have been gone for the last week {and therefore have not been able to blog}. I have been at Family Camp to "Rest, Renew, and Revive". I enjoyed going after being gone for the last two years, but, there was one blot on the week.

A family came up from New Hampshire to visit David's sister {Hacker and Ema are dating}.

The blot is not that they came to visit, but that Hacker had SARS a cold, and as a gracious American, passed it along to his girlfriend, who then passed it on to me.

Actually, I think Ema was a victim as well, because at least 3 others got it and we can't blame Ema for those.

Anyway, I am now nursing a ghastly headache, stuffed sinus, plugged ears, and achy body.

The worst of it is, I have not had a cold/gotten sick since the fall! Thankfully, my cold should only last a couple days...unless, of course, it is SARS.

Canada post coming tonight--super excited!

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