Thursday, August 4, 2011

I listened in...

...on a conversation a couple were having recently. I didn't intend to, but they were speaking pretty loudly, and of all the things to argue about--they were talking about whether or not it is right to wear jeans to church.

The husband was emphatically stating that it was sin to wear jeans to church. And for anyone to wear jeans to church, the person had a "uncircumcised heart"...which I took to mean unsaved.

The wife came from the viewpoint that although there are rules in the Bible about the way we are to dress, material is not--ie silk, cotton, jean. She agreed with her husband that since it was a rule in their household she completely agreed with him; she just didn't agree with the fact that he had said it was "sin" and did not have any Scripture to back him.

Apparently this argument was because a child of theirs wore jeans to Wednesday night service. Personally, I didn't stay to hear the outcome of the debate because both thought they were right and were not going to budge on the stand they were taking.

I think their argument was a waste of time. As parents, they should have already been on the same page of whether or not they wanted their child to wear jeans to church. It seemed their child was of age to dress himself and therefore he should have gotten in trouble when he disobeyed {instead of said parents arguing about the issue in public!}.

I'm reminded of the verses at the end of Revelation that command people to not add or take away anything from God's Word. It is so important that we read the Bible and obey the Words that are written therein. It is not our job to conform Scripture to our views, but to conform our views to Scripture. Before one says something is in the Bible, they need to make sure it is and are not adding things they want.

Now I sorta wonder what the final outcome was....did they agree to disagree? Search the Scriptures? Find a man of God to help them?

I hope they were able to get things settled!

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Valerie said...

Amen! I think so many problems in our churches are because families haven't searched the Scriptures for themselves!